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Präsidentin des amerikanischen „Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow“ fordert Muslime zur entschlossenen Verurteilung des bewaffneten Jihad auf

(Institut für Islamfragen, dk, 20.7.2015) Westen muss endlich erkennen, dass es hierbei um einen Krieg gegen Freiheit und Gleichheit geht

(English) Women in Islam: the Provisions of Islamic marriage law

(English) The public debate over women’s role in Islam tends in the West to centre round the issue of the head-scarf, seen as symbolizing women’s inferiority, yet not all practising Muslim women wear the scarf and not all of them are of the opinion that this is undispensable. In fact it is Islamic marriage law which cements women’s inferior legal status as divinely ordained.

(English) Islamic Feminism as an Effort towards Renewal and Modernization

(English) The events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent reactions have moved the Islamic faith – and especially Islamic extremism into the public limelight and made it an on-going topic of discussion. While the opinions of politically active Muslims (Islamists) or extremists have increasingly become media topics, liberal Muslims are presented in much less detail. Islamic feminism may be considered one form of liberal Islam. It is characterized by the following aspects: