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(English) Honour killings and Emancipation – 
Gender roles in Immigrant Culture against the backdrop of a Middle East understanding of “Honour” and “Shame”

(English) As part of the symposium “Honour Killings and Emancipation” from the Post-Graduate Seminar “Perception of Gender Differences within Religious Symbol-Systems”, Julius-Maximillian-University, Wuerzburg, 19.01.2006.

(English) Honor Killings and Ideas of Honor in Societies of Islamic Character

(English) Honor killings take place today not only in the eastern part of Turkey. In Germany, too, and in the other countries of Europe, women die “for reasons of honor”. Till now, German criminal investigative departments do not compile any separate statistics, but unofficial statistics quote at least 49 honor killings or attempts at such in Germany between 1996 and 2005. The United Nations estimate that ca. 5000 honor killings (along with a high number of unreported cases) have been committed world-wide.

(English) Is Multiculturalism (Multi-Culti) at an End?

(English) “Multi-culti” – a catchword we all know. A concept that today is looked at rather critically but, in past decades, was to a large extent a guideline for the shared life of Christians and Muslims in Europe, even if by far not everyone was aware of this premise. Multi-culti – a result of an historical development into which we have stumbled rather than consciously planned and controlled. A development that, in addition, resulted from the false intellectual premises that accompanied the contemplation of the migration of Muslim workers to Germany, as well as from indifference and ignorance.

Islam und christlicher Glaube Nr. 2/2006 (6. Jg.)

Reinheit und Ehre im Islam Inhalt: Liebe Leser Die Bedeutung der Reinheit für die Gottesbeziehung im Islam (Hans-Martin Killguss) Die Suche nach Reinheit durch rituelle Waschungen (Carsten Polanz) Ehrenmord und Ehrvorstellungen in islamisch geprägten Gesellschaften (Christine Schirrmacher) Worte aus der islamischen Überlieferung (Daniel Hecker) Buchbesprechungen (Rezensionen) PDF: Islam und christlicher Glaube Nr. 2/2006 (6. Jg.)

Deutscher Urteilsspruch gegen die Sürücü-Brüder im Ehrenmord-Prozess

(Institut für Islamfragen, aw, 27.04.2006) Die folgenden Meldungen stammen nach Angaben der BERLINER MORGENPOST aus türkischen Zeitungen vom 15. April 2005, zwei Tage nach dem Urteilsspruch gegen die drei angeklagten Sürücü-Brüder im vergangenen Ehrenmord-Prozess: