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Islam und christlicher Glaube Nr. 1/2005 (5. Jg.)

  Contents: Editorial Bible and Quran as “God’s Word” (Thomas Schirrmacher) Revelation of Allah, or Words of Muhammad? (Eberhard Troeger) “Sin” in Christianity and in Islam – a Comparison (Fritz Goerling) Muslim Traditions Fatwas – The Merit of Reading the Quran News from the Internet Book Reviews PDF: Islam and Christianity Nr. 1/2005 (5. Jg.)

What is the Significance of Islamic Tradition?

Islamic tradition (Arabic: hadith – transmission, tradition, report) is substantially more extensive than the Koran. It is concerned with reports about Mohammed compiled by Muslim theologians in several collections as late as approximately two centuries after his death. These hadithe provide information about how Mohammed (and the first “companions of the Prophet”) lived and which views they held in regard to particular questions. But, the tradition also includes detailed instructions on the necessary ablutions before ritual prayer, explanations of the order of prayer (also in the mosque), regulations for the fast during Ramadan or the pilgrimage to Mecca, clothing regulations for men and women, rites pertaining to Muslim burial, as well as dietary commandments (prohibition of alcohol and pork). In addition, the traditional texts also treat questions of Islamic law, above all of marital and family law, but also of criminal and inheritance law and of the law of testimony.