Islamic view of Christianity

Has the True Gospel of Jesus Been Found?

The time has finally come: the so-called “Gospel of Barnabas” is now available in German. It carries the title “Das Barnabasevangelium. Wahres Evangelium Jesu, genannt Christus, eines neuen Propheten von Gott, der Welt gesandt, gemäß dem Bericht des Barnabas, seines Apostels“ … The German publication of this text was undertaken by a German married couple which has converted to Islam. Both are members of the mystic Dervish order of the Naqshbandiyya, whose roots extend back into the fourteenth century.

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The Islamic view of Christians: Qur’an and Hadith

Muslims (sometimes even Nonmuslims) complain about Christians – or Western society – insisting on portraying Islam as “the enemy”. They believe that Christians especially precondemn Muslims whereas Muslims “tolerate” Christians and accept them “without prejudice”. But is that really the whole picture?

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Islamic Views about Christian Scriptures

Among Muslims today, the idea that the text of the Bible has been falsified has long been a part of common belief. It is assumed that the Old as well as the New Testament originally were genuine revelations from God, but that in the course of time they were altered and distorted by human beings. Among Muslim non-theologians, there prevails only a vague knowledge about how these changes were undertaken and to which Biblical statements they are supposed to apply. Muslim theologians, on the other hand, attempt to corroborate the Islamic dogma of the falsification of the Biblical texts with arguments from the historical-critical exegesis of the Bible as practiced by Christian theologians.

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