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(Deutsch) Großbritannien: Forschung zur zunehmenden Vereinnahmung von britischen Gemeinden durch radikale Gruppierungen

(Deutsch) (Institut für Islamfragen, dk, 09.06.2021) Die Daily Mail/Mail Online berichtete am 9. Juni 2021 über die Untersuchungen des muslimischen Autors Ed Husain („The Islamist“, 2007) über Moscheen in Großbritannien („Among the Mosques“). Husain ist Professor an der Walsh School of Foreign Service an der Georgetown Universität.

(Deutsch) Rezension: The Islamist: Why I joined radical Islam in Britain, what I saw inside and why I left

Mohamed M. Husain’s book is a protest against political Islam. It is based on his own experience as a British Muslim of Indian descent who grew up in London, rebelled against the traditional Islam of his parents and became an extremist. He eventually saw the error of his concepts and activities. The book is captivating and extremely timely. Why are young educated British Muslims becoming extremists?