Book reviews

My God is Now Allah and I Gladly Follow His Laws

Cornelia Filter studied German literature and history. She worked for various newspapers and magazines, such as Die Zeit, Frankfurter Rundschau, Brigitte, and above all Emma. Today, she is a public relations consultant for SOLWODI, an organization that is active on behalf of foreign-born girls in Germany, who have fallen victim to forced prostitution, arranged marriages and domestic violence.

The Koran. Arabic-German. Translation and commentary by Adel Theodor Khoury

The text of this further German-Arabic version of the Koran is based on the 1987 translation of the well-known Professor emeritus of Religious Science at the Roman Catholic theological faculty of the University of Münster (Westphalia), T. A. Khoury, published in association with leading Muslim theologians including the General Secretary of the Muslim World Congress.

(Deutsch) Rezension: The Islamist: Why I joined radical Islam in Britain, what I saw inside and why I left

Mohamed M. Husain’s book is a protest against political Islam. It is based on his own experience as a British Muslim of Indian descent who grew up in London, rebelled against the traditional Islam of his parents and became an extremist. He eventually saw the error of his concepts and activities. The book is captivating and extremely timely. Why are young educated British Muslims becoming extremists?

Stefan Wild: God, Man and Prophet in the Koran

Wild’s essay provides a clearlywritten and useful summary of the Koranic view of God and human beings. His discussion of Islamic and non-Islamic concepts of revelation brings out clearly the immense gulf which continues to separate the two positions.

Christoph Burgmer (Ed.): The Koran in Dispute. The Luxenberg Thesis: The Debate so Far

The year 2000 saw the pseudonymous publication of “The Reading of the Koran” setting out Christoph Luxenberg’s thesis that certain passages of the Koran should be understood not according to the Arabic sense of the words but to an underlying Syriac-Aramaic sense, thereby giving the Koran a whole new meaning.