Günter Kettermann: Atlas on the History of Islam

Prof. Dr. Christine Schirrmacher

Günter Kettermann. Atlas on the History of Islam. Primus Verlag: Darmstadt, 2001. 186 pp., 1⁄4 [in German only: Atlas zur Geschichte des Islam]

This is not only an atlas with numerous maps that illustrate the history of Islam from its origins through the modern age. At the same time it uses numerous articles, charts and pictures to convey much more information about Islam in the Near and Middle East, in Europe and North Africa than the title would allow one to assume. This is a historical work that uses its margins to give insight into topics such as Islamic mysticism, jurisprudence or folk Islam. The succession of the Islamic dynasties is illustrated in as much detail as the Crusades, the history of Jews in the Islamic world and the Islamic conquests reaching Southwest Asia, Africa and China. A number of current topics such as the Kurd issue, the Palestinians, the Cyprus issue, the Cashmir conflict, the civil war in the Sudan and the dissemination of Muslims in Europe and worldwide.