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The Christian Doctrine of God in the East from the Beginnings of Islam to the Present

This volume gathers papers presented at the symposium on the Christian Doctrine of God in the Mashriq held at the graduate school of the George August University of Göttingen under the title “Images of God, Gods and the World.” With it Martin Tamcke, expert in Eastern Church studies and History at the University, has broken fresh ground for “a theological history of the diverse traditions of the Christian Orient” (p. VIII).

Book review: Dark Beginnings

For several decades now few radically new insights into the period of Islam’s origins have emerged in Oriental studies, and this despite the fact that many fundamental questions remain unanswered. One awaits, for instance, a critical investigation filling in crucial gaps in our knowledge of the background to the 1924 standard edition of the Qur’an, which is still currently in universal use. On the present state of research it is possible to affirm there have been several redactions, textual variants or even, as some suppose, various authors of the text of the Qur’an, as yet however there is no comprehensive research into such eminently vital questions.